10 Things Every Good Party Needs

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10 Things Every Good Party Needs

There are many reasons that people throw a party; it could be a wedding, a birthday, an anniversary, a retirement celebration or even a funeral. Sometimes people just want an excuse to have a good time. Whatever the purpose of the shin-dig, there are certain rules that remain constant, if you follow them, you can be sure that your merry-making event is a blast. In this post we will provide you with the 10 essential things every good party needs, think of it as a check list…

The Venue

The venue needs to be the right size for your party guests. If your venue is too big it will feel empty but if it’s too small it will feel claustrophobic (and possibly break a few health and safety rules). One of the most important factors of the venue though is that it is clean, you don’t want your party to be remembered as the gathering with the dirty toilets!


You might be serving a 3 course meal or possibly an informal buffet but whatever spread you put on make sure your guests know what to expect, there is nothing worse than hungry guests to take the energy out of a celebration.


It is likely your venue will be serving drinks at the bar but if it is your responsibility make sure you are well stocked. Most parties are fuelled by booze but don’t forget the soft drinks and water. Everyone needs to have the chance to hydrate, especially if you want them dancing through the festivities.


You don’t have to create a modern work of art and obviously the décor you go for will reflect the theme, age of guests and the purpose of the party. The key thing is that the items you choose tie in together and provide a consistent look as oppose to it looking as if it has been thrown together.


A party without guests is like a sandwich without bread. Getting the guest list right is a key aspect to the party’s success. Check out our previous blog post with great advice of nailing the guest list.

A Toast

Taking a moment to come together and raise a glass is important in any good party. It brings to the focus back to the purpose and reminds everyone why they are there to celebrate.

A Place To Dance

To ensure your shin-dig goes with a swing, people need to have a space to let their hair down and strut their funky stuff. Make sure the dance floor is clear from obstacles and a sufficient size for your party guests.

A Place To Chill

Even the most hard core dancer needs a moment to rest and recuperate. Part of being at a party is socialising and relaxing with friends, with this in mind, make sure you have considered seating. Create a chill out space where party goers can sit, talk and rest without the loud music or flying arms of dancers in their face.

Good Music

This is possibly THE most important aspect of a good party. Music provides the atmosphere; it sets the scene and the tempo for your event. Getting the tunes right for the audience is a skill, as is understanding the mood of the guests and adjusting the music to ensure the flow and energy of the party is maintained. Getting the sound right is also something that can be challenging to the novice, it should be loud enough to make an impact without blowing everyone’s ear drums and the quality of the music should be high also. This is why, wherever possible we encourage you to hire a professional DJ.

An Ending

A great party should finish on a high; allowing a party to go on too long and slowly wind down won’t have so much of a lasting impact on the guests. Finding the right music that fits the occasion and brings the party goers together for one last dance will mean that as everyone leaves your event they want more.

The Professional Touch

It isn’t easy pulling everything together, putting on a great party is hard work but that’s why the professionals are here to help. It might be cheaper to do things on your own but sometimes you just can’t put a price on the experience that an expert brings.

Here at UK Mobile Discos we are proud to provide a reliable, high quality and affordable DJ service. Work with us and you can rest assured that ‘good music’ can be ticked off your great party checklist. Find out more about our party discos.

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