Trendy Wedding Themes Coming In 2019

Deciding on a theme can be tough but when you have a clear vision every other decision is easier. Every year has specific trends that resonate with a new generation of newlyweds and 2019 will be no different. So if you are planning your wedding in the next 12 months and you want to pick a trendy theme then read on for 5 hot ideas that will turn your nuptials into an event.

The 20’s

20's Style Era

With just one year to go till we enter the new 20’s, this roaring theme will become increasingly popular. We predict that over the next few years 20’s themed weddings with jazz, the Charleston and flapper dresses will become more common so if you want to be setting the trends instead of following them then 2019 is the perfect year for this art deco, fun theme.


Unicorn Bicycle

It’s hard to leave the house without seeing unicorns these days and the trend is not just in the toy department. Adults who want to explore their carefree, magical child side embrace the unicorn and the mysticism it stands for. Starting your married life with a little magic can only be a good thing.

Game Of Thrones

2019 will see the final season of Game of Thrones hit our TV screens and true fans will be obsessing over it all year. A wedding inspired by this epic show will be dramatic but fun, guests could be separated into houses and the room split to represent the different settings. Most guests will be amused by the theme even if they are not fans themselves. Those who do share your love of it will just be hoping they are not put beyond the Wall!


Festival Flame Girl

Festival ticket sales continue to rise and as our summer is predicted to be another scorcher, this year will be no different. The festival theme is for those couples that want a relaxed outdoor theme with unique entertainment and also for those who are happy wearing wellies with their wedding attire.


2019 marks the release date of the much anticipated second Frozen film, this will have fans so excited they might even plan their entire wedding around it. The classic but modern Disney princess film provides incredible design, food and clothing opportunities. Don’t worry though, using the Frozen theme as your wedding inspiration won’t freeze anyone’s hearts.

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