3 Finishing Touches Your Wedding Needs

If you are in the middle of organising your wedding you probably have a long list of things to sort out but Jackie from Table Confetti has written a blog for us here at UK Mobile Discos to remind us not to forget the value of the finishing touches.

Wedding Table Confetti

A wedding is a once in a life time occasion so how can you distinguish it as special? You will go to many different parties in your lifetime, you will dance on many different dance floors and you will drink many glasses of bubbly but your own wedding is something that should stand out above the all of these. It’s not just the starters or Champaign you chose that will make your wedding unique, it is the finishing touches that do it; the small details that add sparkle and shimmer and own personal stamp to the occasion. In this post we will help you identify 3 small things that will make a big difference on your big day.

1) Flip Flops

Honestly, this is not a joke. If you want to know the power of flip flops, offer them to ladies after they have been wearing their high heeled dancing shoes for four hours straight. A box of inexpensive flats will be very valuable to your guests when they want to keep dancing but their feet don’t feel up to the challenge. As your guests get ready for your big day, they will not choose their shoes based on their comfort levels and yet half way through the night this is all they will be able to think about.

Wedding Flip Flops

The last thing you want is for your wedding guests to run out of steam and give up on having a good time because of something simple like their feet. These flip flops could solve this problem and your kindness will be remembered long after the last song has played.

2) Children’s Activity Bag

You can’t put a price on keeping children entertained at a wedding; happy children are usually much better behaved. This will have a positive knock on effect on their parents who will be able to enjoy the day and relax more. There are certain key parts of a wedding that make parents cringe with dread. They idea of keeping their angels quiet as the speeches are read or as everyone waits for their food to be served can fill them with anxiety. Noisy children could also be potentially irritating to your guests who don’t have their own children, creating a sense of unwanted tension.

Luckily these children’s activity bags are readily available but you could even make them yourself at a reasonable price. Filled with colours, games, pens, paper and many other goodies these bags help the kids to stay seated, calm and just as importantly quiet! As the evening passes and the dance floor opens, they will have plenty of time to let loose and burn some energy before hopefully passing out before midnight!

3) Table Confetti

Table confetti adds real sparkle to your big day. The small packs are inexpensive and yet a hugely effective way to add the shimmering finishing touches. The types of confetti’s are crystals available vary in their colours and design so you can find the perfect option for your wedding theme.

Table Confetti Love Heart Table Confetti

Weddings are all about glitz, glam and sparkle but that doesn’t always come from the expensive grand features; it’s about the overall appearance and atmosphere. Table Confetti can add this magic in the smallest and yet brightest of ways.

Wedding Table Confetti

For more information on what Table Confetti can bring to your big day then visit our website. We provide next day delivery so if you have a sudden panic that your wedding needs more sparkle then we can help you today.

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