3 Party Essentials You Have Probably Forgotten

Guests At A Party Celebrating

3 Party Essentials You Have Probably Forgotten

To some people, planning a party is exciting and the whole process seems to come so naturally. To others though it is a stressful time, one filled with anxiety and sleepless nights. One of the top complaints that amateur party planners have (especially at 3am) is ‘what have I forgotten?’.

UK Mobile Discos have DJs perform at a variety of parties around the country so we see for ourselves what people regret not considering before the big night. In this post, we will share with you 3 of the most common forgotten essentials so you can relax, get a good night’s sleep and actually enjoy your event.

Food Alternatives

Food allergies vary and can result from small intolerances to life threatening reactions. If someone has a serious allergy they will probably inform you beforehand BUT do you really want to take the risk? If someone became unwell at your party then apart from ruining it for them it would also mean your event is remembered for all the wrong reasons.

You don’t just need to think about food alternatives because of allergies though, there are a number of dietary requirements and lifestyle choices that need to be considered. From diabetics, to vegetarians to vegans and more. Everyone at your event should be treated to culinary delights and no one should feel like an afterthought.

The first thing to do in advance of planning the food (if you haven’t already done it) is actually ask your guests if they have any unique needs, the earlier you do this the better. It’s not just about having alternatives available it’s about making sure you have enough. With the growing popularity of veganism this is becoming a more common issue. Consider including a question about dietary requirements in the RSVP so you haven’t got to send out additional questions and add another job to the to do list.

Plan For The Transitions

A party has several elements to it, there is always a timeline of events and this creates moments of transition. People are often so focused on getting the big things right that they forget about the small moments in between. Without thinking about these, party guests and staff can easily get confused; it can potentially descend into chaos. Consider the following to begin with and then go through your own timeline of events and make sure all transitions are carefully considered…

  • How are your guests greeted when they arrive
  • Will there be entertainment, music or a complimentary drink when they wait for everyone else to arrive?
  • How is food served? How will the guests know when and where to sit?
  • If you are having them, when will the speeches be, who will introduce them?
  • Are their particular dances… first dance, father daughter dance for example, how will the guests know when these are about to start?
  • What indication will the guests have that the party is coming to an end? How will they prepare to leave? 

Music Playlist

Your party is unique to you, regardless of the event it should feel like yours. It’s the personal touches that make it special and bespoke. Music is a very powerful way for you to create a unique party experience and if you prepare in advance you can create a playlist that will uplift the dance floor while at the same time making sure you are remembered.

It is common for the party hosts to leave the music till last because it seems as though there are more important things on the to do list but we want you to know, music is more than a few tuneful notes…

A good playlist will provide the atmosphere for the whole event, it will help to guide guests from one event on the timeline of events to another. It will have tunes that appeal to everyone there so that all guests feel welcome and included. It will include tracks that bring people together of all the ages and backgrounds. A good playlist resonates with the party hosts AND the guests.

UK Mobile Discos can help you compile a playlist with our expert advice and support in the lead up to your big night. Don’t leave these things to chance, don’t keep yourself awake at night. Contact us for a free no-obligation quote today.

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