4 Essential Spring Wedding Planning Tips

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4 Essential Spring Wedding Planning Tips

Spring is the season of new beginnings, so what better time to have probably the biggest beginning of your life so far, your marriage, take place in this season.

Spring is already becoming a hugely popular wedding season. Demand is lower than for peak summer and winter, but with every opportunity to have just as memorable a day.

If you’d like to be part of the spring wedding boom, here are a handful of planning tips to help you out. These four essential spring wedding planning tips will guarantee you have the best day of your life!

1. Prioritise Bookings

Since spring weddings are increasing in popularity, don’t leave major decisions to the last minute. Prioritise anything that requires advance booking in your wedding planning and sort it out as soon as possible.

This means focusing your efforts on booking the venue, the catering, the church, the entertainment and the photographer. Once you have the bookings under control, you can peacefully put your mind to sorting other things like the décor and the invitations.

2. Be Mindful Of The Festive Season When Planning

It might sound strange to talk about Christmas in a post about spring weddings, but the festive season can be disruptive in terms of your planning if you haven’t planned your wedding at least 12 months ahead. Christmas happens right when you might be making a lot of decisions and wanting to get things confirmed, but suppliers may be away or tied up dealing with Christmas and New Year with other customers.

If you’re planning a wedding for next spring, be mindful of the festive season and prepare your planning activities accordingly. Sort out bookings early and allow yourself to enjoy Christmas. If you spend Christmas talking about your wedding, you want it to be talking about excitement rather than stress at still having things to sort out.

One advantage if you are planning towards the end of the year is that even the run up to Christmas these days always means massive sales. When it comes to buying suits, bridesmaid dresses, decorations and other wedding related things, you might be able to pick up a bargain and spare yourself some of your wedding budget to spend elsewhere or put towards your honeymoon.

3. Celebrate The Season

A great way to save money is to go full on with the spring theme. Decorate your venue with spring flowers, use them in your wedding bouquet and treat your guests to spring foods.

It’ll be cheaper as the produce will be abundant and it’ll add a wonderful spring-feel to your wedding day.

4. Be Prepared For The Spring Surprises

Spring might be a time of blooming flowers and warming sunshine but it also has its surprises. Spring showers, pollen, and bugs might all be a part of your wedding day, but being the wedding planning champ you are, you can be prepared.

Always have an indoor option if you’re planning an outdoor wedding. Even if just a part of your wedding entertainment is outdoors, you still want to prepare for the eventuality that the weather is not good. If you’re organising a fireworks display, then have disposable raincoats for guests or have a large see-through tent in the garden of the wedding venue.

Finally, remember to discuss different options with your wedding photographer. An indoor option is essential in case the weather is not as sunny as you’d like. Many couples getting married in the spring simply plan indoor photos and then have additional outdoor ones as a bonus if they’re able to. It’s easy to step outside for 20 minutes if the sun breaks through before heading back in later.

With the above tips in mind, you can plan a fantastic spring wedding and take advantage of all the benefits getting married at this time of year can bring.

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