5 Questions To Ask When Booking A Makeup Artist

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5 Questions To Ask When Booking A Makeup Artist

We are so lucky to have the extremely talented Laura-Louise Makeup Artist helping us today. She has written a guest blog to help our followers find the perfect make-up artist for their big day. When you are booking someone to do your make up on the most important day of your life, be sure to ask these 5 questions recommended by Laura-Louise.

Laura-Louise Professional Makeup Artist

Your wedding is just a day, it will come and it will go… but the photographs will last forever. Every girl wants to look back on the best day of their life with love and pride.

We all want to look at ourselves and know that we were shining that day; that we looked and felt at our best.

To help achieve this, you need to find a makeup artist that works with you and that makes you look and feel like the best version of you. You deserve a makeup artist that makes you feel special, because you are!

When you are booking be sure to ask the following 5 questions to help you find the right makeup artist for you…

1) Do You Do A Trial Session?

This is really important for both you and the makeup artist. Having time before the wedding to talk at leisure about your skin type, skin preparation, colour options and style is invaluable. It will give you a confidence when it comes to the big day; you will know that beautiful make up is something you can cross of your worry list! These trial sessions usually cost a small fee, the makeup artist has to give their time and use their own resources for the occasion so don’t expect it for free.

2) Do We Have To Pay A Booking Fee?

When you book a makeup artist for your wedding, both you and the artist are agreeing to trust each other. The artist has to trust that the wedding will go ahead and then set the time aside, potentially refusing other work for the occasion but the bride also has to trust that the makeup artist will be there when they are needed and do a good job as promised. A booking fee in place means that everyone involved has set a clear intention to honour the arrangement.

3) Do You Have Terms And Conditions?

Terms and conditions are more valuable than the paper they are written on! They represent transparency and ensure that everyone is on the same page. If terms and conditions are not supplied then it risks miscommunication and misunderstanding which is the last thing anyone wants in a wedding booking. If you ask for a quote and get a set of terms and conditions at the same time I would say this is a good sign. This shows that the company is transparent and professional and gives you the opportunity to know exactly what you are getting before you even make the decision to book.

4) I Have Rosacea, Is That A Skin Condition You Can Deal With?

Rosacea is a common skin condition that can affect anyone but fair skinned women between the age of 30-50 are most at risk; it’s characterised by red flaming skin, inflamed eyes, swollen nose and even thicker skin. Rosacea isn’t dangerous but sufferers are vulnerable to self-esteem and confidence issues.

On your wedding day you want to feel beautiful and a skin condition like Rosacea has the potential to spoil how you feel about the day. A good makeup artist can work with any skin condition and provide the right, high quality make up effectively so that you look at your absolute best.  If this or any other condition is something you are worried about, make sure you ask them this question and discuss it prior to the booking.

5) Can I Contact Previous Clients And See Pictures?

If a makeup artist is good then they will be happy for you to see pictures of their work and connect with previous clients. Do not worry about asking these sorts of questions, they help you to make a very important decision. If they are not comfortable with this request then it suggests they have something to hide.

As a makeup artist, I personally specialise in elegant and natural makeup, capturing the individual bride’s natural beauty, working in Chester and the surrounding areas. For a free quote use this contact form. You can also connect with me on Facebook.

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