5 Tips To Deal With Wedding Stress

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5 Tips To Deal With Wedding Stress

It is completely understandable to want the perfect wedding but this ideal could be putting you under a lot of pressure. Stress has the potential to ruin your day as you will be so frazzled and exhausted that you can’t even enjoy it. To avoid burn out, we have compiled a list of 5 stress busting tips for anyone in the midst of wedding planning.

1) Breathe

OK, so you know how to breathe but did you know that most of us don’t do it properly? In day to day life and particularly times of stress most of us have breathing patterns that are too shallow. Our body can calm itself down through deep breathing because it sends the right amount of oxygen around the body and to the brain. A clever anxiety reducing technique is called the 7-11 pattern which basically means you breathe with a longer outbreath, this has an instant effect on you and calms you down immediately. It is great to use at stressful times but also if you are struggling to sleep worrying about bridesmaid dresses, menus of photographer’s.

2) Stop talking about the wedding

Although a wedding is obviously romantic, the planning process isn’t! The last thing you want to do is lose sight of the very reason you are going through it all in the first place. Keep the romance alive by setting specific time aside together where you take wedding planning off the menu. Talk about the past, talk about the future but don’t talk about the wedding. You want to connect with each other and make sure that when all the guests have gone home, you both have more to talk about than the wedding. It’s worth remembering that what you want to build is a marriage not just a great day.

3) Exercise

Exercise is good for your mind, body and soul and is a notorious stress buster. It doesn’t matter what you do, anything that gets your heart beating faster releases endorphins in your brain which reduces anxiety. Yoga, swimming, walking, running, cycling, zumba or simply jumping on the spot; you don’t have to be fit, you just have to move

4) Eat well

The food you feed yourself is the fuel that will energise your wedding planning. Sugary foods are tempting when we feel like the need to reward ourselves but despite the sharp high they cause there is also a subsequent low and this is a big pay back for temporarily feeling energised.

To combat stress, the following foods are recommended:

Salmon Spinach

5) Get a feel good play list together

Music is an incredible tool to lift mood and has the potential to completely change your day. A great way to keep on track and motivate you when the planning feels like an uphill struggle is to create a playlist of your favourite tunes. Putting together a wedding planning playlist is not just collecting your all-time beloved songs, no matter how much you loved ‘My Heart Will Go On’ by Celine Dion it isn’t going to excite you or get you in the wedding mood.

Here are some ideas:

Good Vibrations – The Beach Boys
The Twist – Chubby Checker
Pharrell – Happy
Big Yellow Taxi – Joni Mitchell
Shake it off – Taylor Swift
Dancing Queen – Abba
I Believe In A Thing Called Love – The Darkness
I’m Yours – Jason Mraz
Kids – MGMT

The impact of music continues when the day actually arrives. Don’t forget in all the madness of the planning to book a DJ that understands how to bring a crowd together and get the party started. If you want a DJ that is professional and able to deliver then get in contact with us here.

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