6 Tips To Keep Children Entertained At Weddings

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6 Tips To Keep Children Entertained At Weddings

We are happy to introduce Michelle from Bluey and Baloo, an award winning company that makes life for parents at weddings so much easier. She has written a great post for those of you that are worried how children and weddings can go together without a hitch.

The subject of inviting children to weddings can be controversial; there are many couples that still refuse to entertain the idea, most of the time these are young people who haven’t had kids themselves. These days though, it is becoming more common to get married after having children and these couples want to include their children in the best day of their life. A wedding with children does present unique challenges but there is a new developing market in products and services that are designed for this growing trend. In this post we will share with you 6 great tips to keep the kids entertained (and subsequently well behaved) on your special day.

1) An Art And Craft Table

Purchase some stickers, crayons, paper, colouring books, origami kits, jewellery making and craft kits. Play dough is also a favourite but make sure you have a good table covering so the play dough doesn’t stick. The crafts should not be too messy for obvious reasons; a flower girl covered in paint is not a good look.

2) Floor Space

Book a venue that has a good amount of floor space and not too many stairs so the children can be given a little bit of freedom to play. When there is no entertainment the stairs always seem to be the place children want to spend their time!

3) Garden Games

These are a great addition as they enable guests old and young to play together, kids love it when adults join in. You can use garden game companies that provide equipment including space hoppers, carts and giant board games.

4) Bring Your Own Toys

If you have your own children bring their toys and ask other parents to bring some. You can set up with some travel cots and create and play area away from the top table.

5) Professional Entertainment

There are companies that take all the worry out of entertaining the kids completely. These people are not guests and their only job is to care for and entertain the children. Some even provide event childcare that caters for the entire event. They supply everything in their own portable crèche. The joy is that parents can eat the wedding breakfast and listen to the speeches knowing that their children are safe and happy. A good crèche will have activities and toys that are rarely found at home and are flexible enough to go outside.

6) Supervised Play

Instead of running around organising toys for the play area you can hire a company to do this for you. They supervise the children while the adults eat. As we all know, small children rarely sit still for long so these supervisors take away this stress.

There are other options to consider including wedding nannies or babysitters, the main thing to remember is that it is possible to have the perfect wedding day AND include children.

Children Cake Making

Bluey and Baloo have been caring for children at weddings since 2009 and offer wedding and conference crèche services all over the UK and Europe. Contact Michelle on 07724 600211 to enquire.


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