Are Professional DJ’s Worth The Money?

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Are Professional DJ’s Worth The Money?

The price of a DJ varies a great deal and what seems expensive to one person is completely reasonable to the next but when you have to plan an entire party, with the venue, food and décor is paying the price for a professional DJ really worth the money? In this post we hope to answer this question so you can make the right decision for your event.

What Is A Professional DJ?

OK let’s start with the basics, what makes a DJ professional? Well if they are earning a wage from their DJ work then they are a professional. If they are doing it as a hobby or doing it for a crate of beer, then they are an amateur.

What Do You Expect A Professional DJ To Do?

So before you decide if they are actually worth the money, consider what you actually expect a professional DJ to do. Some of the expectations include but are not exclusive to…

  • Having a music system set up that everyone can hear clearly without distortion
  • Have a wide variety of music that have been obtained legally
  • To have safe and tested equipment including back up’s
  • Have the equipment to be able to play one song after another with no silent gaps
  • To dress and act in a professional manor
  • Is insured in case of damage to property or persons caused by the DJ
  • To take requests from guests
  • Not eat all of the food and drink all the alcohol available
  • Making announcements such as introducing the hosts, announcing the food, etc
  • Being able to read the crowd and play music that appeals to the mood of the room, keeping the party atmosphere high and energised
  • To be a central figure of your party – someone people feel comfortable to ask about the toilets, order of events

What Is The Alternative?

So we have already suggested that the alternative to a professional is an amateur but what would this mean for your big event? Would it really be that bad to bring in a friend who has a CD player and big speakers? Or why not just put your favourite playlist on a iPod? What could really go wrong?

Well for a start your ‘friend’ might not even be allowed to set up when they arrive. All electrical equipment should go through a standard test called PAT testing, many venues insist on seeing proof of this testing from external providers and won’t let anyone set up there without it. Never mind that the absence of tests may mean that the ‘DJ’ themselves cannot be insured, leaving you completely vulnerable if anything goes wrong and property is damaged or people get hurt.

Even if you get past that, what quality are you expecting from an amateur?

  • Do you expect to be able to hear the music?
  • Would you like to be able to make requests?
  • Would you like an eclectic variety of songs available so all your guests can have music played that they enjoy?
  • And finally, would you like the DJ to act in a professional manor, stay sober and treat it like a job and not a free for all?

When you have asked yourself these questions then you will be able to ascertain if a professional DJ is really important to you. If you decide that you don’t need a professional DJ at your event then obviously they are not worth the money to you. On the other hand, if you would prefer to hire someone who’s made a career out of bringing parties alive then you know the answer to your question; professional DJ’s really ARE worth the money.

All our DJ’s at UK Mobile Discos are professional, skilled and insured. They have quality equipment and stacks of eclectic music for your guests to enjoy. For a free no obligation quote, get in contact here.

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