When Booking A DJ Goes Horribly Wrong

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When Booking A DJ Goes Horribly Wrong

Big parties such as weddings, anniversaries and milestone birthdays are, by their very nature, once in a lifetime experiences. This is why it is heart-breaking when the businesses that are trusted to deliver crucial party services let their customers down. As a DJ company we sadly hear many stories from customers who have had bad encounters with other DJ’s in the past and the consequences are at best annoying and at worst detrimental to the entire event.

In this post we will share 3 ways that booking a DJ can go horribly wrong.

Bad Equipment

A bad workman always blames his tools right? Well in the case of a DJ, high class equipment is actually absolutely essential. Quality sound and lights make the difference between an awesome party and a tea dance.

To be fair good equipment isn’t cheap but bad equipment comes at a bigger cost; the price of the event’s success. There are lots of DJ’s out there that just do gigs as a hobby and work part time around a 9-5 job. These DJ’s are not going to have the financial or physical commitment to invest in superior equipment and as a result the service they offer is as low quality as the sound they produce.

Another problem that can occur is when equipment breaks down. Now this does happen, even the best speakers have their day but what if this happens on your big night? A good DJ will either have back up equipment with them or nearby. In fact, when it happens to our DJ’s most of the time, the customer doesn’t even know that there is a problem at all. We just deal with it.

To keep the electrical equipment safe, it should be all PAT tested annually (Portable Appliance Testing). The consequences of a defected appliance could potentially be deadly. Make sure you ask your DJ for evidence of regular PAT tests. If you are worried about asking, you just have to ask yourself this first; what you want your party remembered for?

Lack Of Insurance

It is a requirement for every DJ to have public liability insurance, sadly many don’t. Any venue worth its salt won’t even allow a DJ without insurance to work on their premises so you could even find yourself with a DJ who can’t even set up. Don’t be fooled into thinking that just because the venue is covered the DJ is covered too. Their insurance won’t be valid if damage or injury is caused by the DJ which is why they are often strict over what DJ’s they allow on site.

No DJ At All

There are lots of sole traders out there working hard to provide good mobile disco services, no matter how good they are though one problem they cannot overcome; investing in an independent DJ means you are always relying on one person. What if they are sick? What if they break their leg? What if they have an accident?

Now obviously we don’t want to think the worst but this is your event and you need peace of mind.

The way to avoid this is too use a company that hires DJ’s to work for them. Here at UK Mobile Discos we do just that. We ensure that all our DJ’s have a good standard of equipment that is PAT tested, they are all insured and if something goes wrong we always have back up prepared. Our DJ’s bring your party alive, not kill it.

Have you had any horrible incidents with DJ’s before? We would love to hear your comment.

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