Bring (Subtle) Christmas Joy Into Your Wedding

Merry Christmas Sign

Bring (Subtle) Christmas Joy Into Your Wedding

Christmas is fast approaching and if your wedding is too then we imagine you are pretty busy right now. But just because your wedding is in the festive season, it doesn’t mean your wedding has to be themed this way, the idea of Santa, his reindeer and tacky tinsel might not be what you visualised when you decided to say I do! What if it didn’t have to be this way though, what if you could bring the magic of Christmas and do it subtly? In this post we will share with you simple ideas you can implement into your December wedding that can be added last minute but will have maximum magic effect with minimum tack.

Photo Booth Festive Fun

Everyone loves a photo booth these days at weddings, they are a great opportunity to give your guests something fun to do and to let go of inhibitions. What makes the photo booth a clever addition for a Christmas wedding is that you can fill it with Christmas props from Santa hats to reindeer antlers, candy canes and elf ears (to name just a few). Doing it this away will give your guests an opportunity to embrace the tacky side of Crimbo without necessarily impacting on your well designed and classic theme.

Christmas Party Dummy

Christmas Sock Surprise

You may have the outfits all planned out but what about adding a little Christmas fun to the groomsmen’s feet? Getting them all Christmas inspired socks and asking them to pull up their trouser legs for cheeky photo opportunity will be a special moment to remember (of course you could do the same with boxer shorts but this would be a little less subtle)!

Christmas Sock Surprise

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Super Stockings

There is nothing more classically Christmas than stockings hanging on a fire place. If your venue doesn’t have a fireplace then maybe consider the DJ booth or bar. Stockings come in virtually unlimited designs and colours so you will be able to find something to go with your theme. Additionally you could use stockings in a different way and give your favours in them this way you get to merge two highly established traditions in a Christmas and Wedding marriage made in heaven.

Boy At Christmas With Stockings

Matching Tree

It’s Christmas, there is no escaping that so your venue will already have a Christmas tree up, this is guaranteed. So why not utilise this opportunity and make it feel like part of your wedding design. Ask the venue to decorate your tree in the colours for your wedding. You could always take some of your own before the big day if they don’t seem keen to accommodate. Along with the tree, consider what the rest of the venues Christmas décor will be and how it can be incorporated softly into your theme.

Christmas Tree Decorations

The Smell Of The Season

It isn’t just about the bright lights and glitter; Christmas is an attack on all the senses, especially smell. Eggnog, baking, pine cones, a burning fire, chestnuts roasting, cinnamon, mulled wine, gingerbread to name just a few, are all aromas that fill our nostrils and make us instantly warm with nostalgia. They are the same smells we have all experienced ever festive season for our entire lives. They say that smells are a powerful memory aid and what better way to make your guests remember the days when magic was real. So don’t forget the mulled wine, sprinkle subtle pine cones in your table displays and perhaps burn some cinnamon intense or Christmas inspired candles and fill the room with the air of festivities.

Pine Cone Table Decorations

UK Mobile Discos Is Feeling Festive

Of course your guests will be expecting at least a few Christmas songs to get them into the full spirit of the occasion so having a DJ well stocked with music and able to read a room is essential to create the celebration atmosphere any time of the year. Request a free quote from UK Mobile Discos.

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