Choosing The Perfect Party Venue

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Choosing The Perfect Party Venue

There’s no doubt that picking the right venue plays a huge part in the success of your party. Go for somewhere too big and even when everyone has arrived it will look half-empty and forlorn. Likewise, a space that’s too small is going to create a crush and leave guests feeling squashed up and agitated. Yes, size matters. But that’s not all to consider, there are numerous aspects to take into consideration when choosing a party venue.

Getting The Vibe Right

This is a little hard to determine, and is a major reason why you must visit the place beforehand. The vibe is a mixture of the ambience and the feeling you get when you go in. If it’s too grand, too unwelcoming or too shabby – anything that hits a wrong note – keep searching. Go with your gut instinct, as no amount of set dressing will alter those first impressions.

The Area

Your guests have to be able to get there easily and they’ll probably need somewhere to park. Can you tick both those boxes? Bear in mind that delivery vehicles may have to get in and out as well.

What Comes With The Venue?

Don’t take anything for granted. Even if there are tables and chairs there, you may need to hire more. The same goes for kitchen and bar areas and the equipment in them. Are there toilets or will you need to book some portable toilets? Are you and your friends happy to serve all the drinks and food, or do you need to employ some staff? Is there a cloakroom or hanging rails for people to leave their coats? All these details need to be checked.

Let The Music Begin

Booking a DJ or a band is a sure-fire way to create a party that’s enjoyable and exciting, but you need to think about a few practicalities. A venue with a stage is ideal. A band takes up a lot of room with all their kit and a DJ will also need to set up his decks. Both need power sources close by. Is there enough space for people to dance, and if it’s a marquee, will you need a dance floor?

Summertime Specials

Everyone loves to celebrate outdoors, but let’s be honest, even in the warmer months arranging a party outdoors is always a gamble. If your party venue is in the middle of a country field, what’s going to happen if it rains? Gazebos are low-cost and easy to put up, so plan to have a few of those for cover.

Good luck with finding the perfect venue and throwing a great party!

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