Good News For Fans Of Facebook & Music

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Good News For Fans Of Facebook & Music

Finally Facebook brings music back to social media and we couldn’t be happier. It goes without saying that as a DJ company we are passionate about music, we love being able to share and enjoy music with others, we do it at every event we play and recognise its power to connect people and lift the moment.

There are of course more ways to connect with people than at an event and in the modern digital world we live in, Facebook can be an incredible tool to bring folk together. But for years there has been no space for music on this major social media platform. The last time music was really embraced by social media was back in the old days of Myspace but since then there has been a huge hole and we’ve all been missing out.

YouTube, Facebook’s major competitor has instead been the haven for music but for obvious reasons Facebook restrict the reach of any post sharing YouTube links, reinforcing this gap.

We’re sure that Mark Zuckerberg isn’t a hater of melodies, the problem has been with Copyright laws. There has been no legal agreement between music companies and Facebook which has meant that if certain tunes were to be played on the platform they were an infringement of copyright laws.

The reality of this for everyday users has been that when they’ve shared an experience, recorded a live video or even sung a song themselves, their videos have been removed. There have been times that Facebook have punished users for simply posting a video of a family bbq with the radio playing in the background. From our perspective it’s made it difficult for us to share videos showcasing our DJ skills at events.

Time For A Change

Thankfully things are changing and at the beginning of June, Facebook announced that they have been partnering with music companies around the world with the aim of breaking down this barrier and bringing music back to social media.

These new contracts mean that videos with music can now be shared more freely. This of course includes weddings, birthday parties and everyday celebrations. Facebook have officially acknowledged that the special moments in life are often associated and celebrated with music. To truly be a platform where people can connect and share experiences, they have had to rethink.

One of the other interesting features will be a new option called Lip Sinc Live, this will give users the opportunity to effectively play karaoke on a live broadcast, with songs like “Welcome to The Jungle” by Guns N’ Roses and  “Havana” by Camila Cabello, Facebook are trying to make a broad range of music available for different ages and genres.

Keep Your Ears Peeled

As with all Facebook changes, they don’t happen overnight. Facebook roll them out through different countries and markets step by step so if you haven’t seen these features yet, don’t worry you will do soon.

Facebook have also hinted at further changes saying that they are actively working on new ways to bring music to the platform, so be aware, your newsfeed might get quite noisy!

If you would like to see music off social media and at your next event then connect with us today for a free quote from UK Mobile Discos.

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