3 Questions To Ask When Finding The Perfect Wedding Venue

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3 Questions To Ask When Finding The Perfect Wedding Venue

When it comes to planning your wedding day, few decisions are as important as the venue, after all, where you chose to celebrate sets the tone of the entire event. It is also one of the most exciting bookings you will make but these high emotional stakes can unfortunately lead to hasty decisions. To keep a level head, we recommend asking these 3 questions and making sure you get the answers you need before you pay any deposit.

1) What Exactly Is Included In The Package?

Most venues offer various packages but it isn’t always clear what is included. You don’t want to fall victim to ‘hidden charges’ which could potentially take you over your budget. To clarify make sure you ask for a list of what is and isn’t included so that when you walk away, everything is in black and white and you can reflect on exactly what is on offer.

One of the most important question to ask is if VAT (Value Added Tax) is included in the final figure they give you, at the time of writing VAT is 20% so without it, the amount you think you have to pay will be vastly different to the reality.

Other questions to ask with regards to the package include…

  • Is there an extra charge for private caterers?
  • Is there an extra charge for the ceremonies?
  • Is there an extra charge for staffing?
  • Is there a cost for a late licence fee?

When discussing the package you might also want to talk about the possibility of payment plans and check if there is any penalty clauses.

2) Who Is Responsible For Decorating The Venue?

Some of the middle or lower cost venues do not decorate themselves, meaning that you need to factor in the financial implications of doing it instead. It is also a considerable effort and requires a lot of different elements to be coordinated, these include chair covers, lighting, bunting, table linen, table centre pieces, the list goes on…

Many couples enjoy this process though and it gives them the opportunity to put their unique stamp on their special day. Whether or not the idea of decorating fills you with excitement or dread, it is important that you know what is expected from the venue before you sign up.

3) What Are The Rules Regarding Entertainment?

Entertainment is such an integral part of a wedding but the final decisions are not always down to you. Some venues don’t even have a sufficient power supply for a full DJ sound system and some have noise restrictions or time limitations.

It is important to ask if the venue requires you to use their entertainment some will only allow approved DJ’s. Nearly all reputable venues will require any DJ to have public liability insurance and have all their equipment PAT tested.

Here at UK Mobile Disco’s we can guarantee that all our DJ’s meet these requirements. We pride ourselves on the positive relationships we build with the venues because we know that when we work together the client get the best outcome.

Once you have the venue ticked off the to do list, don’t forget the DJ, if you are looking for an entertainer to bring your venue to life then get in contact with us to find out about our competitively priced, professional and reliable service.

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