Give Your Wedding Reception The Meghan & Harry Effect

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Give Your Wedding Reception The Meghan & Harry Effect

The royal wedding might be over but it was a truly historical moment that will live on for many reasons. If Diana was the queen of our hearts, her youngest son Harry has stolen them all over again. The nation and the world watched as the handsome ginger price stood nervously at the altar (lip readers suggest he told Meghan he was ‘s**tng himself’) and we all gasped in awe at the sight of Megan’s gloriously simple and sleek dress. On that sunny May afternoon it felt like the royal family and the nation really came together and stepped forward into a new era.

This significant wedding will live on in another way too, elements of the style, the flowers, the dress and the finishing touches will be replicated by couples around the world. If you too want a little royalty in your wedding and give your special day the Harry and Meghan effect then check out these 3 simple things you can add to your wedding reception.

Signature Cocktail

‘When Harry met Meghan’ was the quirky name reportedly given to the signature cocktail created exclusively for the big event. This is an easy and fun thing that you can do at your wedding to make it memorable and unique to you, combining drinks that reflect your own personality and tastes.

Tequila Bar

Another alcohol inspired idea we know but it seems that these young royals like a drink! Now at the royal wedding, rumour has it that George Clooney actually started serving and we can’t promise that he will be available for your big day. That doesn’t mean you can’t jump in to the essence of it though and set up your very own tequila bar to encourage the drinks to flow! If tequila isn’t your thing why not just make the most of your favourite drink, you could have a vodka bar, a wine tasting stand or an ales of the world corner. Your wedding might be able to take inspiration from the royals but it should still feel like your event.

Take Away

The press who were camping outside well after the revellers had gone were absolutely thrilled to snap pictures of Dominos dropping off a stack of pizzas.

We still don’t know if this late night pizza delivery was planned or if some guests just had too much tequila but we loved the idea of ordering a take away for those who still have stamina and are going late into the evening.

We can’t imagine many other royals had pizza at their wedding but that’s one of the reasons we admire it so much. A popular and more organised alternative to this would be a food van which could serve anything including fish and chips, pizza or even ice cream.

It’s clear that Meghan and Harry love a good party, their celebrity friends as well as fun food and drink reflect this. If you too are party people then the best way to pay homage to this glamorous couple is to focus on the reception and prioritise a party atmosphere when planning. In this case, the one thing that can’t be forgotten is the wedding disco and here at UK Mobile Discos we know how to bring royal style partying to your big day. Request a free quote today.

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