Successful Party Or Murder On The Dance Floor?

Party Guests On The Dancefloor

Successful Party Or Murder On The Dance Floor?

There are a number of events that may require music such as a birthday celebration or wedding reception. With the ever advancing technology, people have far more options available and this includes whether to hire the services of a professional DJ to take care of the music at their wedding reception or in fact save the money and provide the music themselves. However, to ensure that you create a killer dance party and avoid murder on the dance floor you need to fully understand that a professional DJ does an awful lot more than just pressing a few buttons, and also see exactly what providing your own musical entertainment actually entails.


The first thing that needs to be considered is what equipment you are going to need to create the music at the wedding reception. You will need a good quality MP3 or iPod which has the capability of holding a playlist that is at least an hour longer that your planned event, this way the music can be playing before the guests start to arrive.

It is easy to understand why couples spend time considering doing their own music but you would be amazed at how many initially forget that they may need to hire a good speaker system, mixing console, a microphone, connection cables for their music source and this is without considering a back up MP3 player or iPod just in case.

Backup And Additional Backup Plans

In addition to the MP3 player and connection cable you really need to consider and have a backup system in place that is loaded with all of your music, just in case. It is also a really good idea to have the details and phone number of a local rental service that can offer last minute deliveries. The chances are that you will not need any of your contingency plans but it is far better to be safe rather than sorry, particularly on your special day.

Do You Really Have The Time?

Weddings are a time consuming business and this is without giving yourself additional pressure. It is purely for this reason that you need to think long and hard about whether you really have the extra time to dedicate to organising your music. If you have very specific music requirements and know that you would only end up dictating your complete playlist to a DJ then there is no reason why you should not do the music yourself. Alternatively if you are not that bothered about dancing to warrant the cost of hiring a professional it is something that you can successfully do yourself.

If you have decided to go it alone then it is really important to dedicate enough time to create your playlist, consider the amount of playtime you require as this will dictate the amount of songs you will need. It is important to make sure that you have a song for every special moment right from the first dance through until the last and it is a good idea to load these key pieces of music onto a separate playlist so that they are ready when necessary and this will also avoid any wrong music playing at the wrong time.

Guest DJ

There is always going to be one guest that doesn’t like the music that is playing and will take it upon themselves to change things! Instead of hounding the regular DJ with their music requests they will be found desperately trying to hit the shuffle button on your playlist or worse still switching the cable to their own device!

There are a number of ways that you can prepare for this type of guest and these include asking for music requests either via a website that you set up for your wedding or on the RSVP’s. Being able to hear a few of their favourite songs may be enough to keep this guest placated. If not, think about having an iPod minder who can guard the music and also ensure that the correct playlist is selected as and when required.

Test Things And Amplify

Ok we realise that we are about to state the absolute obvious but it is so important that you give yourself ample time to test your music system, the speakers etc. Music that sounds loud in an empty room may be reduced to a whisper when it is in competition with all of your guests laughing and chatting. The venue may have a speaker system in place but it is vital to check this as it may be old and distort when the volume is turned up.

Play To The Crowd And No Music Streaming

One of the main reasons couples choose to go it alone for their wedding music is that they have full control over what gets played. When it comes to this you need to avoid the biggest mistake and this is by thinking about your guests as well as what you want to hear and make your choices accordingly.

Your wedding reception is not the time to have music streaming services letting you down. If you choose to use this type of service and the internet connection fails or resets you will end up with no music! Be sure to avoid this and stick with offline music sources.

Time To Choose

Before you make the all important choice whether to supply your own wedding music, let’s take a quick look at why you may want to reconsider hiring a professional.

Apart from the fact that this is your wedding day, the most important day of your life, the biggest advantage of a professional DJ over your iPod is that they have a vast selection of music at their fingertips, which they can use effectively to adjust the mood immediately. Good DJs can read the crowd, they have had years of practice and know exactly how to keep your guests dancing. The professional DJ can troubleshoot technical issues and adjust volume as and when necessary with a single touch. Your professional DJ is at your wedding to ensure that the party happens and a good one will be extremely good at exactly that.

Regardless of the choice you make remember the number one rule, when it comes to weddings is that everything depends upon the guests. If your guests love dancing, they will dance even if you haven’t planned for it. On the other hand if you have guests that don’t like dancing even the best DJ in the world won’t get them up on their feet!

You may now be reconsidering as the simple DIY DJ is not really half as simple as you may have first thought. By the time you add up the cost of equipment hire, purchasing the songs and then factor in the time that you need to spend creating the playlist, getting prepared and testing all of the equipment you may decide to go with the pro. If money is the main motivator for going it alone, why not think about using a DIY DJ set up for the dinner and go with a professional DJ for your evening reception, after all surely this would be a win, win situation?

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