Organising A Great Work Party

Corporate Party With Champagne

Organising A Great Work Party

Works Party ToastThere are a number of reasons why you may organise a works party, whether it is for a seasonal event, a retirement, promotion, or another type of celebration what can make this party better than those that have gone before?

Due to the way work parties are usually organised and executed many people still dread them. Although we spend a vast proportion of our lives and time at work the thought of spending time socialising any further than office gossip really does fill the majority of people with utter dread!

Ensuring that you take the following into consideration when organising a works party and you will certainly be on the right road to a enjoyable event.

Why Works Parties Usually Fail

The majority of times works people only attend the works party as work people which means that the topic of conversation is work which can be boring. There is also an assumption that everyone knows each other simply because they share an office. The sense of obligation felt when it becomes a need to throw a works party to bond with each other really doesn’t sit well. Therefore if you are throwing a party purely because you have to, you are far better off not bothering as it will remove any of the potential joy.

Things To Make You Works Party Great

By making slight adjustments you can ensure that you create a works party that will be memorable and a lot of fun for everyone involved. You can create an atmosphere where your colleagues can unwind, forget their work association and bond as people. With so many choices when it comes to work events there is no reason why you will not be able to organise a great works party.

Here are a few works party ideas:

Office Christmas party

The majority of people really do dread their office Christmas party, after all watching your managers making total fools of themselves really is cringe worthy. However, a Christmas works party can be so much more. The venue, time of day, who is on the guest list and the numbers all offer you a huge amounts of creative possibilities.

Someone About To Get Promoted

If the news is secret and the person in question does not know then you have ideal grounds for a surprise party even at work or in a venue nearby. Think about it, how easy would it be to take your teammate on a pretend staff lunch and this can actually be a surprise party. Alternatively you could organise a meeting outside of the office and hey presto you have another surprise party, it really is that simple.

Someone Leaving

Leaving parties can be bittersweet on the one hand you are excited to hear that your colleague is moving on to pastures new, yet on the other hand you will be sad to see them go. Organising a works leaving party can be really tricky as it will not be much of a surprise which can take a lot of shine off of the party; however this is no reason to give up as it can be some really effectively with minimum organisation.

Themes For A Great Works Party

If you want to have some fun at a works party then you need to stop talking shop and start talking about your life outside of work. A great suggestion on how to do this is a Hawaiian luau, all you need if for your guests to don flip flops and a lei, organise some cocktails and teach everyone how to hula!

Alternatively take everyone out of the office without actually leaving the premises by decorating another room to resemble a different country and voila without really trying you are in Italy, USA, Germany, you get the idea.

If you are organising a smaller works party such as throwing a team lunch to welcome a new member, organise a team Potluck where everyone in the team brings their favourite dish to cook (or more specifically reheat in a microwave). Alternatively you may want to organise an ethnic potluck where everyone brings a dish in accordance with their culture and if the majority of staff is from the same culture then go for a variation on the theme and ask the team to bring in regional dishes instead.

The most important thing for any works party is to make sure that you take plenty of photographs. These can then be mounted and hung around the office. Bonding with your work colleagues can increase morale and make the stressful times far easier to get through. The photographs of the great office parties are a constant reminder of who your works family are and what a great lot of fun that you can all have together, this is fun that cost very little and requires just a modicum of organising.

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