Planning A Wedding Without Losing A Marriage

Wedding Couple Making Love Hearts With Their Hands

Weddings are stressful. You want to marry the partner of your dreams, you want to spend the rest of your life together, to make a statement to the world. You want to have the best day of your life. But what happens when the strain of the day puts a wedge between you and your future spouse. What’s the point in getting married if in the process you lose a marriage? In this post, we want to help you with 3 practical tips to keep that from happening.


Before you even start the planning process, sit down together. One of the most important things you can do is talk. To make sure this happens you need to start off on the right foot and communicate openly from day one. You may have very particular ideas about how you want your big day to be but your partner may also have their own ideas. The day belongs to you both so it’s really important that you equally feel that ownership. Communication isn’t just about talking, give each other the space to hear what the other one wants and needs.

Make A List Of Non-Negotiables

Once you have these lines of solid communication open everything will be so much easier. One of the most productive tasks you can do together early on is to write a list of the non-negotiables. These are the things in the wedding that you just must have. Only by talking it out will you be able to figure out what these non-negotiables are. As the process moves forward there will be some compromises you need to make. Some of these might be for family, some might be due to finances but if you have clarity on what cannot be changed then the most important things will remain.

Give The Family A Little Of What They Want

If your family or your partner’s family want to be involved then you need to set clear boundaries. Once again, just like with you as a couple, to achieve harmony you must commit to communicating. Once you have made your non-negotiables list share it with those who have an invested interest. Making sure they are clear on what is important to you and why so that they know that these elements are off limits.

Once this clarity is established then talk to them about what they would like to see. Ask them how they want to help. Consider giving them roles and tasks that will make them feel important and valued. Perhaps there are certain things you don’t mind them making decisions on.

If they feel pushed out and rejected then negative tension will begin to build. Suddenly your big day is no longer about you but the relationship between your family members. The aim should be to keep them happy without sacrificing your vision. However you decide to involve the families, just make sure you keep talking and listening to each other throughout.

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