Questions To Ask When Hiring A Wedding Venue

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Questions To Ask When Hiring A Wedding Venue

Selecting the right wedding venue is a key decision when planning your big day. However, despite its importance, it can be hard to know what questions to ask to determine if a site is the right one for you.

Below are our thoughts on questions to ask when considering a venue.

The Basics

Is the venue available on your chosen date?

An obvious one, but you do not want to fall in love with a venue only to find out it will not be available.

What is the capacity of the venue?

Have an idea of numbers to ensure the site can meet your needs. Think about evening guests as well as those attending in the day.

Are tables, chairs, linen and chair covers included?

Not all venues will provide these items, so be sure to ask.

Food & Drink

Do you offer on-site catering?

This may not necessarily be available, depending on the type of venue you go for.

Can the caterers accommodate special dietary requirements?

It is not uncommon for at least a few guests to be vegetarian or have allergy requirements. Can the venue’s caterers cope?

Can you use external caterers?

If you plan to bring your own caterers in, check this wouldn’t cause any problems and whether they can access the facilities they require.

Does the venue have an alcohol licence?

Again, it is important to not take this for granted. Also, if you plan to provide some of your own alcohol ask if this is OK too.

How late will the bar be open?

As well as being important information to include on invites, you should ensure there are no early closing times that might bring celebrations to a premature end.

Wedding Services

Does the venue have liability insurance?

Make sure you and your guests will be protected in the event of an accident.

Does the venue offer a wedding co-ordinator?

Some will provide in-house support to help you organise the day of your dreams.

Do you have to use suppliers recommended by the venue?

Some may stipulate that you have to, so it is always best to double-check.

Any Other Business

If the venue is outdoors, what happens in bad weather?

Check there is a contingency plan for rain or other inclement weather to ensure your big day is not a soggy one.

What time is the venue open for setting up?

If you plan to bring your own decorations, make sure you are going to have time on the day to set up.

Is there adequate parking?

Ensure there is plenty of space for guests to leave cars.

What about music?

Does the venue have any restrictions which might affect a band or DJ, such as on noise levels? Also check they have relevant licences for music to be played on-site.

What’s the pricing structure?

Check costs and how you would be expected to pay. You may need a deposit and also be sure to ask if VAT is included within a quote. While you won’t want to tempt fate, you should still check refund policies too.

These questions are just a few examples and the chances are many more will come up as discussions with staff at venues continue. One more key point to remember is to get any commitments made by the venue in writing, purely in case you’re given different information further down the line.

Keeping these issues in mind should certainly set you on the right path to the wedding you’ve always wanted.

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