Questions You Must Ask a Wedding Photographer

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Questions You Must Ask a Wedding Photographer

Planning a wedding can be a minefield; there are so many different products and services to purchase and it can be overwhelming making so many choices. Thankfully Kathryn Goddard from Capture This Moment photography in Gloucestershire is experienced in her industry and has offered our readers a helping hand. In this post she will take the reins and help us by giving us the top 5 questions we should ask any wedding photographer before we book them.

The Perfect Photographer For The Perfect Pictures

There is a misconception that a wedding photographer only does a few hours’ work on the day but there is so much more to the process that often gets overlooked. A good wedding photographer actually puts a lot of time into creating your perfect images before you even say ‘I do…’ and after the party is over the work continues. To find a photographer who is committed to capturing your memories, just the way you want them – I recommend you ask them these 5 simple questions.

1) What Do The Different Packages Include?

Making sure you are absolutely clear about the packages the photographer offers is really important. You need to know what you are paying for to avoid getting any nasty surprises when something isn’t as you expect. Ask if the package includes the album, editing, any pre-wedding shoots, venue visits or travel costs? Some photographers don’t make this very clear and although they seem well priced when you first enquire they are actually hide a lot of their charges to sting you with later. I recommend you look for a photographer who is honest and transparent about their pricing structure.

2) Can I Contact Previous Couples You Have Worked With?

If the photographer has an issue with the question then this is an instant red flag. Anyone who delivers a quality service would be happy for you to talk to previous customers. They may suggest passing your details on as oppose to the other way around to avoid any data protection issues, but they should be keen to do this if they are confident about their services.

On a similar note, ask to see an album from a previous customer, it will give you more of an overall idea of the pictures they produce as oppose to the odd one or two from each event they have selected for promotional purposes.

3) Are You Insured?

It is a legal requirement that all professional wedding photographers have insurance. In fact they need ‘professional indemnity insurance’ and ‘public liability insurance.’ It should cover within the region of 2-5 million pounds.

4) Will You Visit The Venue Before The Big Day?

Some photographers do not value a pre-visit. Others will only do it if they haven’t been to a particular venue before. Personally, I think that a visit with the couple is an essential part of a high quality service. When a photographer meets a couple, they need to know more than just where they have chosen to tie the knot but why they have chosen that venue in the first place. Walking around and planning the shots as everyone gets to know each other can actually make a tangible difference to the images that are captured. The photographer is able to gain an understanding about what is important to the couple and what they envisage for their big day. Having a meeting over the phone or even just in an office just isn’t the same.

5) What Is You Back Up Procedure?

This question refers to two very important back-up practices. Firstly you want to be absolutely sure that your photographer is prepared with back up equipment on your big day. No matter how good their technology is, there is no guarantee that it will all work without a hitch. Secondly, you want to know that the photos they take won’t get lost before you actually get their hands on them. Any photographer worth their weight in gold will back up the images as soon as they get home. It doesn’t matter how late it is or how tired they are, making sure there are multiple copies of your pictures should be a priority before the day is done.

Capture This Moment

Here at Capture This Moment, we deliver high quality, beautiful images so that our customers can hold on tight to treasured memories. There is no day more treasured that you wedding and we take the responsibility of photographing it very seriously. We are confident in the service we deliver our customers and we are happy to answer any questions.

If you have any questions of your own or want to check our availability contact us here. Additionally check out our Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and You Tube.

We look forward to connecting with you.

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