Simple Spring Wedding Accessories

Bride Outside In Spring

Simple Spring Wedding Accessories

Even if you have your spring wedding planned, there are still small, simple but effective accessories you can add to acknowledge that it is Spring. You don’t have to take the season and create an entire theme around it but small details can bring this magical time of year into your big day and breathe new life into your wedding.

Freshly Picked Flowers

Even if you have your flowers all planned out, ordered and set for delivery, consider sending out a very helpful maid of honour out the day before to pick some pretty fresh spring flowers and foliage that will be add a touch of authenticity with a rustic twist. A few carefully placed jars and you have an instant shot of spring. Just a small word of warning, when you pick flowers you should never uproot them and also make sure they are growing wild so avoid other council property or your neighbours garden (falling out with your neighbours isn’t a great way to start married life)!

Fresh Spring Flowers In Garden

Freshly Picked Flowers For A Wedding

Step Into Spring

Make the most of the environment and plan to spend some time outside for photographs. See if you can talk to your photographer about this beforehand and plan ahead. They will understand the best place to get the perfect shots that give you the freshest spring memories.

Bride Outside In Spring

Bride And Groom Outside In Spring Garden

Chocolate Egg Wedding Favours

Why not use Spring to influence your wedding favours. Nicely packaged and presented eggs are unique and the perfect accessory for any Spring wedding. As soon as the Christmas decorations are taken down the shops are filled with Easter themed gifts and not just your average eggs for kids. Recognising the retail power of the season, shops now provide a huge selection, some of which are very high end, well packaged, presented and unique, aimed at the adult market. The added benefit of these favours is even these high quality products will be cheaper than anything that has the word ‘wedding’ attached to it so it is cost effective and fun way to easily bring Spring into your big day.

Chocolate Eggs

While you are busy picking flowers and planning your outside shoot the one thing you don’t want to worry about is the disco. If you need a DJ for your event who is professional, presentable and full of the joys of Spring then contact us here at UK Mobile Discos for a free quote today.

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