The Top Wedding Trends For 2019

Wedding Couple Kissing Outside

The Top Wedding Trends For 2019

Your wedding is booked for 2019 but you want to make sure it’s not outdated. Read this post to discover the latest wedding trends for the new year.

Colour Is Getting More Colourful

In 2019 we expect to see colours and colour combinations that push creative boundaries. We can say goodbye to pastel shades and say hello to bold and brash. If it clashes it’s in! This year is the year to be seen!

Giving Back On Your Big Day

A wedding is a big expense and in our socially, environmentally conscious world, more couples are looking at ways to give back. Ideas include asking for charity donations instead of a gift or hiring only small local businesses. Consider what cause is important to you and how your wedding can be a vehicle to support it.

Give You Wedding Texture

It’s not just colours that are brighter in 2019, wedding planners are looking at more ways to introduce textures. Look at alternative materials for decor and outfits so that you can make a memorable impact this year.

The Year Of The Vegan

2019 has started with veganary, a month where people explore a vegan diet. As a measure of support (and marketing strategy), many food outlets have added vegan food to their menu. This has gained a huge amount of media attention, especially when the likes of Piers Morgan get involved in the debate! The result of all this media attention is that veganism is becoming more and more mainstream. With so many food choices available it’s not only more possible to veganise your wedding but it’s environmentally friendly and considerably trendy.

Meaningful Gratitude

Wedding favours have been standard for years but 2019 might be the time for change. Instead of standard small meaningless gifts, consider how you can show your gratitude with a more personal touch. Perhaps a handwritten note or a photo will have more impact. Alternatively consider sending a framed picture from the wedding after the event instead of a favor on the day.

Here at UK Mobile Discos we are here to make your 2019 wedding memorable. Regardless of the latest trends, it’s your day and we want to make sure it’s a true celebration. Request a online quote today for your wedding disco.

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