5 Tips For A DIY Party Planner

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5 Tips For A DIY Party Planner

Party planners are worth their weight in gold but if you are on a budget, they are not always an option. In this post, we will help you plan your own DIY party with 5 of the best tips that can be applied to any party.

1. Make Lists

Lists are a key part of seamless party organising. Most party planners will have several lists on the go at one time. We suggest having a master to do list and then additionally having a shopping list, décor list and the all-important guest list.  Each list should be a work in progress, always leave space to add items. Never think of a list as complete because you never know when something might come up. We also recommend creating columns so you can update each item. For example on the guest list you might want to know who has received invitations, who has replied, what food they’ve selected etc…

2. Keep Things Simple

It is natural that you want to create a memorable party but that doesn’t mean it has to be complex. Less can really be more; things like the table settings and décor can all be done really well and be incredibly effectively while repeating the mantra ‘keep it simple.’

3. Make It Personal

You can follow all the advice and ‘how to’ guides you can get your hands on but you don’t want to create a generic event. Ideally, you want your guests to look back and remember your party and know that it was yours.  How you personalise your party will depend on what the event is for, think about creating a theme, the use of images and film, gifts or creating handmade décor. Music is also a really powerful way to add personalisation to a party. Work with your DJ to create a playlist that means something to you and your guests.

4. Keep An Eye On The Clock

A timeline is a vital feature of any seamless party, the problem many people have is that they create unrealistic schedules. What compounds this issue is that DIY party planners often think they have to follow the plan to the second. We advise you to keep a rough timeline, but be mindful that when it comes to the party itself, going with the flow and responding to the needs of the guests creates a more relaxed and fun atmosphere.

5. Remember All Your Guests

Your party is likely to have a mixture of people and all of them are there to have a good time. A good party has a little something for everyone; don’t forget your guests when planning the party for yourself. One fantastic way to appeal to a range of people is through the music played; make sure your playlist has something for everyone.

DIY Vs Professionals

There might be some areas of party planning that you can do yourself but there are aspects that are best left to the professionals. To create the perfect playlist we suggest you enlist the professional help of a DJ. Here at UK Mobile Discos, we provide a reliable and expert service; most importantly our DJ’s have an extensive music selection and high quality, safe equipment so that even if the plan goes wrong, you can rely on the music to rock your event.

For more details about our DJ’s, contact us today to discuss your event.

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