Tips For Keeping That Surprise Party A Surprise

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Tips For Keeping That Surprise Party A Surprise

Planning a surprise party is supposed to be fun but the pressure of keeping a secret can turn it is to a stressful situation. Here are our top tips for keeping that little secret hush hush and your anxiety levels down.

Choose A Neutral Venue

Planning a secret party in the person’s home will be hard. Organising it under their nose just means you have to cover your tracks more. Why make it more difficult for yourself than it needs to be? A local pub, community centre, hall or even a friends house allows you to get on with it without worrying if they will be walking in all the time. Be careful not to plan it anywhere too unusual though, unless you can come up with a good cover story as to why you are venturing somewhere they would never normally go on the big night.

Plan Around Their Schedule

Considering their schedule allows you to keep the secret right up until the pivotal moment. Does your special guest have a regular quiz night they attend, do they play skittles every week or meet a friend in a local pub? Think about what they normally do and see if you could put the party on in the same time and place. This tactic is good for keeping the secret because they will have no reason to think anything is unusual until the very last moment.

Keep Everyone Involved

Most of the time, secrets are revealed by other people and more often than not it’s a completely innocent mistake. Eliminate this happening by keeping everyone informed and making sure they know it’s a secret. One way to do this is write it clearly on the invitation. Make sure that this information stands out so the guests have no excuse not to know. Also keep others informed that they might connect with such as the pub landlord, parents or neighbours.

Think About The Little Things

If you really want to capture that surprise, right at the moment they walk in then you don’t even want them to get suspicious as they approach the venue. Consider asking people to park around the corner especially those whose cars will be recognisable. Its little factors like this that will stand out as unusual and potentially lead to a ruined surprise.

Give Yourself Plenty Of Time

Panic and rushing will lead to silly mistakes. If you want to plan a good party, it takes time. You want to make sure you are able to book a decent DJ, catering and the venue. If you are going to this much effort you don’t want poor quality vendors spoiling the night.

Whether or not the surprise stays a surprise, you want the party to be a success. Nothing quite sets the tone as effectively as music. For a professional, high quality and fun DJ service connect with us here at UK Mobile Discos for a free quote.

And one last thing, don’t forget even if they find out about your surprise, the fact you have gone to so much effort and worked so hard to do something so thoughtful for them will be appreciated so you might as well just enjoy the whole process.

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