Tips For Hiring A Marquee Disco

Marquee Disco Hire

Tips For Hiring A Marquee Disco

UK Mobile Discos have a great deal of experience when it comes to providing DJs and mobile discos in almost any location, including marquees of various shapes and sizes. Of course, marquees have a few extra considerations that need to be taken into account that tend to not apply to the great majority of indoor functions, but UK Mobile Discos are only too happy to help, by providing advice to make sure that everything goes according to plan.

Here are a few things to take into consideration:


One of the most important initial points is to ensure sufficient access to the marquee has been provided. The marquee should therefore be designed to offer openings close to where various services, such as caterers, are going to be setting up, to help the event to run more smoothly. Enough time should be allowed for the DJ equipment to be set up before the event and to also avoid any additional interruptions.


The floor of a marquee is very important, as it needs to be suitable for everyone from the entertainers and caterers to your actual guests. There are numerous different kinds of marquee flooring including wooden floors, coconut matting, and carpet laid over a waterproof membrane. Unless the floors in question are wooden, then mobile discos generally need to be set up on some form of coconut matting, either to one side of, or just behind, the dance floor. When you position a temporary dance floor, you should remember to allow enough depth (four feet at least) between the floor’s outer edge and the marquee wall, as this is the workspace required by your DJ.


Power facilities are another of the big issues when it comes to marquees. In general, UK Mobile Discos needs two 13 amp sockets to be able to run a disco with a complete lighting and sound system, for events holding up to three hundred guests. Larger events will require more equipment and thus even more power. Power can be provided from either nearby buildings or, more commonly, from a separate generator. Generators need to have a minimum output of 3kVA and an AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator) to power mobile discos.

Lighting and Heating

Lighting inside marquees can be from moonlighting (i.e. par cans), decorative lighting, and pin spots, and can really help to set the mood for the event. Outdoor lighting is often overlooked and causes great inconvenience for any guest wishing to find a toilet after dark! Freestanding halogen lights are a good idea. Portable heating may also be necessary, as even on warmer days marquees can become damp and wet late at night.

Talk to us today if you have any questions or queries at all about organising a marquee disco.

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