Top 3 Things Not To Forget When Party Planning

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Top 3 Things Not To Forget When Party Planning

There is so much to remember when party planning, so much in fact that it is easy to forget a few things off the to-do list or simply run out of time. In this post we will share with you the top 3 things that you should prioritise, everything else is a bonus but without these key ingredients, you won’t be putting on a party at all!

  • Venue

Ok, so this seems obvious, you need a place to party. The problem is that people often leave booking the venue too late and find their ideal location is fully booked on the dates they want it. This is why the venue needs to be the first thing on your to-do list. It is amazing how many people will have their outfit sorted or their décor planned before they officially book the party itself.

When you are looking for the right place, consider a number of people you plan to invite, access to the venue, parking, ambience, rules and regulations that are specific to the venue and of course price. Make sure you sign contracts and pay a deposit so it is in black and white that the place is yours for the evening.

  • Food & Drink

People want a place to party but they also need to be fed and watered (even if that is with wine). How you plan on feeding the masses will depend on the type of party you are having, the occasion, the venue and your budget but remember that hungry guests will be grumpy guests.

With this in mind, think about the timing of when you plan on serving food. If you serve it too early you will end up with waste but if you serve it too late then your guests won’t have the energy to party anyway. 

With regards to the drink, what you offer with inevitably depend on the money you have to spend on other peoples drinks. A complimentary glass as your guests come in, a bottle on the table or a free bar all come with different price tags. Of course, there is no obligation to serve free alcohol as long as your guests have something to refresh and quench their thirst then you are being a good host, we suggest you just make it clear beforehand what will be available and when so they know what to expect.

  • Music

A party without music is like a picnic without food. Of course, the venue, food and drink are all important but the music is what creates the party and gives it the feeling of a celebration. The music played has the power to completely change the tone of the event; consider the differences between a party that plays quiet instrumental, one that plays heavy metal and another that plays the latest pop tunes. The atmosphere of each would be entirely different, ask yourself what atmosphere you want to create and you can shape it with music.

It isn’t just the tracks that are played that matters though, it is also the quality in which they are played. DJ’s differ in the service they provide, the equipment they use, the music collection they carry and their ability to read the room and select the right tunes for the right moment. All of these will impact on the overall party experience of you and your guests. 

Good DJ’s are often booked up in advance, this is why the DJ should be one of the first things you organise in the preparation of your big night. Here at UK Mobile Discos, we provide DJ’s who meet all these requirements. You can get the music ticked off your to-do list today with just one call.

Don’t let your party guests down, get these things done and then relax, everything else is a bonus!

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