The UK Wedding Venue Guide

Couple At Their Wedding Venue

The UK Wedding Venue Guide

It used to be simple, you either got married in a church or registry office and your choice was based on your religious affiliation. Life isn’t so simple anymore so if you are trying to ascertain which wedding ceremony venue is most suitable for you then we have created a simple guide to help you.

Discuss the following with your other half, remember it is their wedding day too and finding a solution that suits you both the ideal way to start your married life.

The Traditional

Now of course, if you are religious and you want your ceremony performed in front of God by your local vicar then the church is a no brainer. Let’s be honest though, if that is the case you probably wouldn’t be reading this blog anyway.

There are many people in the UK do believe in God, even if they don’t go to church very often (or at all) but others will choose a church for different reasons… A church wedding is still ingrained in our culture, If you will have been dreaming of your big day since childhood then the images in your fantasy were probably in a traditional church setting. The vastness and atmosphere of a church is irreplaceable and as the light streams through those beautiful stained glass windows you will know that the day has been unique and exactly as you envisaged.

One of our clients’ confessed to us that she only got married in the church because she wanted the pictures in the grounds afterwards! Obviously we are not making any judgement but instead simply pointing out that people’s reasons for choosing a church will be naturally very unique and personal.

The reality is that the church represents a wedding to so many people and if you simply cannot imagine your day feeling special enough anywhere else then you need to start clearing your diary every Sunday morning as churches these days expect some level of commitment before they accept your booking.

The Simple

Registry offices are considered the simple solution to wedding ceremonies. They have been in the wedding game for a long time and they know exactly what is needed to legally tie the knot. The ceremonies themselves are shorter than a church which many people prefer.

Some make the incorrect assumption that registry offices are boring and cold buildings with no atmosphere. They don’t like the idea of getting married in the same building you have to register a death. Now although some are like this, each registry office is completely unique; in fact there are many beautiful historic buildings that are used as registry offices with simple but eloquent décor. We advise that you visit your perspective venue to ascertain if it’s the type of place that lives up to your vision.

Of course the other advantage is that unlike a church you are not restricted where you can get married because you don’t have to live in a particular parish.

All In One

The most recent shift in the wedding industry has been towards hotel weddings. Many couples are opting for the ‘all in one’ option and choosing a hotel ceremony that flows nicely into the wedding breakfast and evening entertainment; all provided by the same venue.

This has several clear benefits; you are able to simplify the organisation process and you should have a clear point of contact for this entire process so you should be able to get clear answers for your any problems you may encounter before the big day.

Of course the downside is the risk. When you leave one business with the responsibility of so much, you need to be sure they can handle it. Check you get reviews, visit the venue, try the food and meet with the coordinator before you hand over any money.

The Unusual

As it is the biggest day of your life, why not do something extraordinary. From underwater diving adventures to underground caves there are a variety of interesting and unique places that have permission to perform ceremonies on their site.

It will take a clear joint decision to make a bold decision like this work; you don’t want to regret it after the event.  If you are considering this, make sure it is a venue that represents you both. It is an opportunity to really tailor and bespoke your wedding, breaking free of common expectations and limitations. Just make sure that the venue has all the legal certifications or your wedding won’t count at all.

Music for Every Wedding

Where ever you actually say ‘I do’ don’t forget about the party after the nuptials have taken place. This is what everyone will remember and will define your entire wedding experience. No party is complete without music; to find out more about how UK Mobile Discos can make your event unforgettable, get in touch here.

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