Wedding Planning: Hope For The Best, Plan For The Worst

Couple With Wedding Planner

Wedding Planning: Hope For The Best, Plan For The Worst

When you plan your wedding you’re planning more than just a party, it’s a significant life event. You want everything to go perfectly, you desperately want to get hitched without a hitch but the truth is there are no guarantees in life, you can plan down to the last millisecond but you can’t predict the future. So how can you plan your dream wedding without having a thousand panic attacks? In this post, we will help you hope for the best but plan for the worst so that the reality of your special day is remembered for all the right reasons.

Hope For The Best

You shouldn’t have to compromise on your wedding day, not on the things that matter most. It should be your own personal best day without question. To achieve this, one of the most valuable tasks to do early on is make a list of the non-negotiables, the things you absolutely MUST have. Remember as a couple you are unique so what you desire will be different to other people, when doing this be mindful to be listing your non-negotiables and not the expectations others have of what you should do.

To some people this will be a beautiful venue, to others it will be a designer dress, some will want a big disco party and others a quiet sit down meal, some will want to only invite people they see regularly and others want their auntie Meg from Scotland they haven’t seen in years. Your wedding should be as unique as you are.

As an alternative to a list you might want to create a vision board where as a couple you can cut and stick pictures that represent your ideal day. You can write words and draw pictures too but the idea is that each image, graphic or word is carefully selected to represent a non negotiable. Your wedding vision board can be a representation of how you want your perfect day to be, you should look at it when it is finished and feel excited.

Make sure you put this list or vision board somewhere you can both see it every day to keep your mind focused on the best possible outcome. It’s your day and it’s your vision. When you get clear about what that is at the very beginning you are more able to get the result you desire. As other people get involved or financial constraints start coming into play you are able to stay clear about what is most important to you both. Your vision allows you to truly hope for the best.

Plan For The Worst

Make a list of all the  things that could go wrong, honestly we don’t say to do this to send you into a panic, this will actually reduce stress levels long term. This could include family feuds, food allergies, wardrobe malfunctions, vehicle breakdown, etc.

Writing this list early in the planning process means that you give yourself a calm and reasonable space to come up with workable solutions in advance. If you don’t do this early we can guarantee you will be going through the possible disasters in your head anyway but instead it will be at 3am, three days before the wedding!

Keep in mind that this list will be a working document, when ever you make a new decision or book a service provider there will be additional points you might choose to add. As long as you keep this document solution based it will serve you and help you to create a stress reduced and happy wedding so you can actually enjoy your day and remember it for the rest of your life.

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