Does Your Wedding Need A Website?

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Does Your Wedding Need A Website?

A wedding website is a relatively new phenomenon and it can potentially be a great asset to the wedding planning process. So much of our lives are managed online now that it isn’t a great leap to organise your wedding this way. In this post, we will explore the advantages of a wedding website but also acknowledge that it isn’t right for everyone.

A Place For Everyone

A wedding website is a virtual space dedicated to your wedding. It is a space that you and all your guests can access so that everyone has the same information at all times. To ensure that your guests see new posts you can set up notifications.

It Won’t Take From Your Budget

You can set up a wedding website for free. There are many platforms which provide the space for no cost. Take a look at Getting Married, Zankyou and Wix.

It Is Easy To Personalise

The platforms mentioned above are different but each of them have one main thing in common. They want to make it simple for you to create a personalised website that feels bespoke to you as a couple. Just like the wedding itself, the website should feel like it has the stamp of your personality and is an extension of the wedding itself. On many sites, you are even able to change the colours to match your wedding theme.

Create A Community Space

Add photos and bios of the guests, a story of your love, ask personalised questions that will help you make decisions (such as food, drink or music preferences), include a forum for guests to engage with each other before the big day…

There are lots of options to choose from and they all serve to build a community around your wedding. Many years ago, a community would already be in place. Family and friends naturally lived closer to each other and were already part of each other’s lives. Now though, life is different. Family and friends are spread over the country and the world. Having a space to build relationships beforehand can be advantageous.

Boost Your Organisation

You can send invitations, manage your replies and set up a gift list all on your website. Having it in one place allows you to take complete control of the organisation process. Organising a wedding is not easy and there are so many different things to consider. This is why anything that makes life a little easier is beneficial.

The Downside

A wedding website isn’t right for everyone. Some people prefer to limit the use of the internet and although the process of setting one up isn’t complicated, they feel uncomfortable and wouldn’t enjoy planning their wedding this way. These people prefer more a more traditional approach and this is absolutely fine.

There are of course your guests to consider too, there is no point setting up a space to build a community if those who you want to be part of it are not comfortable using it either. Consider the age of your guests and how many would benefit from interacting with you through this medium.

Like all decisions, you make in your wedding they are yours to make as a couple and you know what is right for you. A wedding website is just a tool, you choose to pick it up on not.

Discussing Music

One of our favourite features of a wedding website is the opportunity to open up a discussion about music. The tunes played at a wedding have such a big impact on the atmosphere and when everyone feels that their musical tastes are considered then it gives them a sense of value.

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