What is a PAT Inspection and Does My DJ Need It?

PAT Testing

What is a PAT Inspection and Does My DJ Need It?

PAT stands for Portable Appliance Testing and it is carried out in the UK, Republic of Ireland, New Zealand and Australia. It is carried out in other countries but has a different name. The practice involves all electrical equipment having a routine check to ensure they meet safety standards.

What Does A PAT Inspection Involve?

Firstly the physical appearance of the equipment is checked and in particular the cables. The inspector will be checking for any obvious signs of damage or deterioration that may impact on the safety of the device.

The inspector will also check, when appropriate, that the appliance is wired correctly and consistently and that it is earthed properly.

There is also an additional test to ensure the device is insulated effectively so any parts carrying electricity are not exposed and that metal cannot touch it.

Who Conducts The PAT inspection?

PAT inspectors need to complete PAT training and be certified by a qualified individual. There is usually a test at the end of the training session to ensure that those passing do have adequate knowledge.

According to the law, those accepted on to PAT training courses must already have the following*;

– Have adequate knowledge of electricity

– Have adequate experience of electrical world

– Have adequate understanding of the system to be worked on and practical experience of that class of system

– Have an understanding of the hazards that can arise during the work and precautions that need to be taken

– Have the ability to recognise at all times whether it is safe for work to continue.

*According to page 13 of the IEE code of Practice 3rd Edition.

What Happens When An Appliance Passes?

If the inspector passes a device, it passes. This pass means that it is considered to be safe to use for the next 12 months in its current condition. It will need to be tested again the following year. Typically a sticker is added to the appliance to indicate the date and the next time it would need testing again.

What Happened When an Appliance Fails?

If the inspector considers the device to be unsafe and so fails it, the appliance cannot be used anymore. If it used anyway it could jeopardise insurances and should an accident or injury occur because of the unsafe appliance the business owner is accountable.

Why Does My DJ Need The Equipment PAT tested?

A DJ carries a huge amount of individual electrical devices that they carry and use in different venues. If this isn’t routinely checked then there is nothing to say it is not dangerous. This is not to say that a PAT test offers a complete guarantee, but like an MOT it does give some assurance and peace of mind. When you are organising a party, the safety of you guests should be more important than the décor you chose or the food your serve so it is important to check.  Any reputable venue would not accept a DJ without up to date PAT tested equipment anyway as it could void their insurances.

From a professional perspective, we urge you to make sure your DJ’s equipment is PAT tested. You want to ask yourself if you want the sort of DJ at your event that has such disregard for safety and regulations. If they are willing to bypass this important inspection then what other areas do they fall short of?

Peace Of Mind With UK Mobile Discos

All our DJ’s have up to date PAT tested equipment, as well as adequate insurance and quality equipment that is fit for purpose. We know that our customers don’t want to be chasing their DJ’s asking these questions but unfortunately, the consequences when these are not taken care of are potentially high. This is why we take care of it, if you hire us, we provide peace of mind so you can relax and get on with organising the rest of your event.

Find out more about our disco hire services and request a quote today.

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