Why DJs Might Not Be Able To Play At Your Venue

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Why DJs Might Not Be Able To Play At Your Venue

Party planning is not for the faint hearted. You have to book a DJ, a venue, organise food, décor, send invitations – your to-do list is probably longer than your right arm.

So with all this pressure you lie awake at night contemplating what might go wrong when your arrangements don’t go to plan; what if the food makes everyone sick or you accidentally put two cousins who hate each other on the same table!? It is therefore in your own interest and everyone else’s that you take all necessary steps to minimise the risk of disaster.

With this in mind have you considered the possibility that the DJ might not be able to play at your venue? If not don’t worry in this post we will explore why this might happen and also tell you the simple steps to take to stop it from happening.

How Could This Particular Party Disaster Even Happen?

If your venue is well organised and established then they will have clear rules and regulations in place, most of which will be in line with legislation that governs businesses and events. These rules will include:

PAT Testing

All equipment used at venues where the public gather needs to be PAT tested – this stands for Portable Appliance Testing. These tests need to be carried out by a qualified person annually. It is a safety measure to ensure that all equipment used us electronically safe, obviously there is never a complete guarantee but just like an MOT the PAT test is a safeguarding procedure. DJ’s who arrive at a venue without proof that their equipment has passed could potentially be refused entry to set up.


All DJ’s need public liability insurance. Even though a venue has insurance too, this cover will often be void if outside providers do not have their own cover. Public liability insurance protects the venue, the property and the people in case of any injury or damaged which is caused as a direct result of the DJ or the DJ equipment.


When booking a high market venue, you must consider hiring a DJ that would fit well within the setting. Does their equipment meet the right standards? Do they dress for the job? So they use appropriate language? Unprofessional DJ’s get a bad name quickly and if a venue feels that the DJ you have chosen will bring down the tone of the event, they have every right to refuse. Some establishments will only work with specific DJ companies and won’t allow customers to bring in outside providers they don’t know.

Make Sure Your DJ Can Do Their Job On The Night

A DJ is an essential element to a party that you do not want them to be refused on the night. To avoid this happening we recommend taking the following steps:

  • Ask your DJ company if they have PAT tested equipment and ask for proof.
  • Ask your DJ for details of their insurance, your DJ should provide a certificate.
  • Check with the venue in advance that your selection is approved.

Here at UK Mobile Discos all our DJ’s have PAT tested equipment, are fully insured and are guaranteed to work to a high professional standard. Why not take the stress away and book a DJ you can rely on and give us a call for a free no-obligation quote.

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