Why Do DJ’s Need DJ Insurance

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Why Do DJ’s Need DJ Insurance

Every DJ should hold DJ insurance, there are no exceptions. Sadly lots of DJ’s try to cut corners and insurance seems an easy one to cut. We all like to think that everything will be OK so some people view insurance as a waste of money, this is a big mistake though, just like with any other insurance policy, it needs to be in place to protect everyone; in this case the DJ, the clients, the guests and the venue.

What Insurance Does A DJ Need?

The most important insurance a DJ needs is Public Liability. Most venues won’t accept a DJ on their venue without it; this is because it protects the venue itself and the people who are attending from any damage or injury caused by the DJ or their equipment.

These insurances and the venue itself may also require all the DJ’s equipment to be PAT tested. This is an annual test to ensure that all portable electrical equipment is free from dangerous faults. When a DJ has comprehensive insurance cover it is a good indication that they complete their PAT tests in a timely fashion. We always recommend confirming this by actually asking the DJ at the time of booking.

When organising a wedding, some couples opt for wedding insurance to cover their big day from a multitude of disasters. Although this isn’t necessarily a bad idea, wedding insurance is not a replacement for Public Liability Insurance and will not provide the cover that is required for the DJ.

Why Too Many DJ’s Don’t Bother With Insurance

There are lots of DJ’s that do the job as a hobby on the weekend. These DJ’s usually start because they genuinely love music but also because they have spent countless parties complaining that they could do a better job. Although some of these DJ’s are good at getting the dance floor full, they haven’t taken on the role with the aim of setting up a professional and reputable business, they often start with very little budget and so avoid any ‘unnecessary’ outgoings like insurance.

The reality is that accidents happen and being unprepared could potentially cost more than a monthly premium. If you are looking for a DJ, checking their cover is an essential part of the selection process. If you are a DJ then getting yourself covered before your first gig is as important as the music.

Here at UK Mobile Disco’s we take insurance seriously. Anyone who books a DJ through us is guaranteed to get a professional who will arrive fully covered with well-maintained equipment. For peace of mind with a high quality disco, get in touch with us.

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