Winter Wedding Style

Wooden Tree Slice Wedding Centerpiece

Winter Wedding Style

While the spring and summer months are still the most popular time for weddings in the UK, the amount of couples choosing to get married in the colder months of winter is on the rise. The reality is a winter wedding is cheaper and this is appealing to many as they prepare to start their married life together.

So if you are planning a polar wedding party then you want to make sure it’s only the weather that’s gets chilly and not the event itself. In this post we will explore some beautiful glistening winter wedding styles.

Winter Wedding Flowers

Wedding Bouquet Flowers

Image Credit: The Great British Florist, Photographer: Sara Thomas Photography

These gorgeous winter themed flowers have a definite Christmassy feel, the lilac contrast tastefully with the luscious green and cream colours are on trend with the winter style and give this bouquet an authentic winter look.

Winter Wedding Cakes

Winter Wedding Style Cake

Image Credit: Bath Cake Company

This wintery cake looks too delicious to eat. The icing looks crisp like freshly fallen snow and is complimented by the silver detail. Alternatively you could opt for a more rustic winter style like the example below. The white rose is a popular accessory and distinguishes this cake as a winter wedding speciality.

Winter Wedding Cake

Image Credit: Bath Cake Company

Winter Wedding Decorations

Wooden Tree Slice Wedding Centerpiece

Image Credit: The Wedding Of My Dreams

Why not use the opportunity of a winter wedding to create a winter wonderland. Look for red, green, silver and gold accessories. Table centres could include berries and pine cones to enhance the festive feeling. The combination of the rustic bare trees and the glistening fairy lights are popular and can conjure up an allure of magic, warmth and cosiness; one that is impossible to replicate in the hot summer nights.

Winter Wedding Dresses

Winter Wedding Dress

We can’t talk about wedding style without discussing wedding dresses. As this elegant gown proves, winter wedding dresses are anything but frumpy these days. Dressing to match the season is more important than just fitting in with the colour scheme, on the biggest day of your life you want to feel comfortable and a little strapless number in a freezing cold church will just leave you with the chills, and not the good kind! Finding something that will keep you warm but that won’t cause you to overheat under the evening disco lights is the challenge. Luckily, as the popularity of winter weddings increase, so does the variety of dresses.

Let It Go

As with any theme, there is only so much planning you can do. When it comes to your big winter wedding day you just have to enjoy the moment and trust that everything will go to plan. In the wise words of Elsa, the snow queen herself you just have to ‘let it go.’

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