Calling All Brides To Be… Are You Taking Enough Care of You?

How Much Water Do You Drink Each Day?

How Much Exercise Do You Do?

Do You Ever Spend Time In A Quiet Room Without The Tv Or Your Phone?

When Was The Last Time You Had A Really Good Laugh?

Think About The Last Time You Felt Really Happy?

How Would You Describe Your Diet?

What Do You Do When You Are Feeling Stressed About The Wedding Plans?

Calling All Brides To Be… Are You Taking Enough Care of You?
Relax & Reconnect

Just stop. Put down that to-do list, book a night away with the man of your dreams (hopefully the same one you are marrying) and just get away from it all for a short time. You need to relax and reconnect with the reason you wanted to get married in the first place. Take a deep breath because right now you are not taking enough care of yourself and its time you changed your priorities!
Prioritise Taking More Time For Yourself

You might over-work yourself but you know when to stop before you fall off the edge of a stress cliff. You are taking time out for yourself but it is sporadic and not a priority of yours. Take the time to care for yourself and work it into your schedule. You deserve it.
Perfect... You're Doing Well!

Being here doesn’t mean you never get stressed, that’s impossible for anyone especially while organising a wedding. Getting mostly C’s just means that you have a few tools and techniques up your sleeve to manage your emotional wellbeing. Well done you are doing well.

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